Picture of a pregnant woman's belly



“There is nothing more important than how we are born.” –Alice Walker

To this wise observation I would add that there is nothing more important than how we treat women during pregnancy and childbirth. I became a midwife to help women realize and honor their power during this time. Birth has become a medical event in our culture, and the power has been moved from the woman to another source. At this time we face a 32% Cesarean section rate, and higher neonatal, infant, and maternal mortality rates than many other developed countries. As the richest country in the world and a leader in many areas, these realities are appalling.

The solution to the maternity care crisis in our country is manifold, and it boils down to respecting the natural biological process of pregnancy and birth. I believe midwifery care is a large part of the answer, as is homebirth, birth in free-standing birth centers, and gentle, low-intervention care in hospitals. My part of the solution is to offer homebirth services to healthy pregnant women in the Lawrence, Kansas area. My focus is on educating you about how to be your healthiest during pregnancy, helping you prepare for a natural childbirth, supporting you during the birthing process, and joining you to welcome your new baby and begin your life as a mother to this baby. This is one of the most challenging, and most wonderful, times in a woman’s life, and I appreciate being part of your journey.